DIY Pickle Jar Snowman

DIY Pickle Jar Snowman

A great way to recycle any jars you may have lying around your house is to turn them into these cute snowmen in time for Christmas. You can use 1 gallon glass pickle bottles or indeed just use two different sized fish bowls. Also the rest of the materials used are from the dollar store so that makes this a very cost effective craft. To get the frosted effect you can use mod podge and epsom salt. You can also vary your design for example you could make a winter scene in the jar of the snowman’s body to turn it into a snow globe.

Make them Glow…

DIY Pickle Jar Snowman

I find that battery powered fairy lights are a great way to get the light effect on these snowmen.  If you are anything like me, you probably have a few strands of these being unused during the holidays that can be put to good use here.  The lighting effect really transforms this to another level.

Angel on Display

Painted Snowman Globe

Lighting can, also, be optional as this cute snow girl clearly shows off her delicate crystal angel

Snow Couple

Pickle Jar Snowmen

These two are dressed alike, but I would recommend getting creative with the ‘couple’ theme of this snow couple.   Try adding one of your favorite decorations or one of your favorite scarves to give a more stylized effect to the happy couple.

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