DIY Unicorn Baby Shower Ideas

Did Someone Say rainbow? Plan a whimsical party to celebrate the coming bundle of joy with these Unicorn Baby Shower Ideas. Magical Balloons, glamorous dessert tables, and chic cupcakes will enhance the theme of your party. Flowery Photo Booths will help your guests take adorable photos to remember the day while unicorn chair decor will ensure they have an enchanting time.

1. Unicorn Centerpiece

Unicorn Centerpiece
Unicorn centerpiece made from dollar tree vase

2. Unicorn Letter

Unicorn Letter

3. Dessert Table

Dessert Table
Transport yourself to the sweet land of unicorns with this luscious dessert table that looks like its straight from a fairy-tale.

4. Magical Balloons

Magical Balloons
You really can’t host a unicorn party without piling on the glitter – especially glittery magical balloons.

5. Unicorn Lanterns

Unicorn Lanterns

6. Unicorn Flowers

Unicorn Flowers
To recreate this, make tissue paper pom poms in purple and add a horn as well as other suitable unicorn trimmings.

7. Unicorn Balloons

Unicorn Balloons

8. Glass Bowls Unicorns

 Glass Bowls Unicorns

9. Marshmallow Treat Jars

Marshmallow Treat Jars
Marshmallows and unicorns go hand in hand and they make for great favor jars. Simply fill mason jars with multi colored pastel marshmallows and and add a horn and ears to the lid of the jar. Don’t forget to draw on pretty eyelashes with a sharpie marker.

10. Pastel Unicorn Drip Cake

Pastel Unicorn Drip Cake

11. Unicorn Baby Shower Cupcakes

Unicorn Baby Shower Cupcakes
If you are hosting a magical baby shower – then you have got to make these super colorful and magical unicorn cupcakes.

12. Clear Balloons

Clear Balloons

13. Unicorn Centerpieces

Unicorn Centerpieces

14. Pink Unicorn Centerpiece

Pink Unicorn Centerpiece

15. Unicorn Chair Decor

Unicorn Chair Decor
Adorn chairs with rainbow frills to encapsulate the fantasy of the unicorn.

16. Unicorn Balloon Tower

Unicorn Balloon Tower


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