Anniversary Gift Ideas for Him

If your anniversary is coming up and you want to mark the special occasion – then think of making a gift from the heart. Not only is this a thoughtful way to express your love – it also gives you the opportunity to customize the gift . For some really authentic DIY anniversary gift idea these ideas hit the mark. Here’s some of our favorite projects to commemorate the big wedding day or anniversary of when you got together. From foil balloons to delicious donuts – the perfect gift idea is waiting for you here.

2 month anniversary gift

One year anniversary

Anniversary gift basket
Put together a basket full of his favorite products and snacks and add in pictures from your Wedding.

30th Anniversary Christmas ornament
You’ll need a 4″ styrofoam ball and then cover it in pearl beads which can be pinned or glued down and decorate with a sheer ribbon.

One Year Anniversary

Greatest Adventure

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