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DIY Unicorn Nail Art Step by Step

    Transport yourself to the land of fantasy with these Unicorn Nail Art Ideas. Think along the lines of pretty pastel skies, candy floss and magical horns of the mythical creature. They are great to wear any time of the year, whether for Halloween, birthdays or even just because you feel like it.

    1. Unicorn Tips

    Unicorn Tips

    2. Cartoon Style

    Cartoon Style
    The unicorn caricature fits in wonderfully with the toadstools and aliens set against a glittery blue back drop manicure

    3. Cute Little Critter

    Cute Little Critter
    It’s impossible not to fall in love with this adorable unicorn complete with pretty eyelashes.

    4. Fantasy Tips

    Fantasy Tips

    5. Feature Unicorn

    Feature Unicorn

    6. Hologram


    7. Magical Horn

    Magical Horn
    These talons have all the magic of a unicorn and they glow in the dark as well. The sculpted horn on the ring finger really adds to the fantastical effect while the feature nail decorated with dazzling gems enchants. Paint a sweet unicorn on the thumb nail to complete the look.
    source instagram

    8. Magical Pastels

    Magical Pastels

    9. Magical Skies

    Magical Skies

    10. Magical Sparkle

    Magical Sparkle
    The iridescent chrome nails with the magic purple sparkle makes the stiletto shape work really well for unicorn theme. Give a nod to the unicorn horn on the little finger with three delicate studs formed in that shape.

    11. Marble Rainbow

    Marble Rainbow
    The marbling technique was almost invented for this unicorn themed rainbow nail design.

    12. Neon Brights

    Neon Brights

    13. Pastel Dreams

    Pastel Dreams
    source instagram

    14. Purple Glow

    Purple Glow

    15. Rainbow Chrome

    Rainbow Chrome

    16. Rose Gold Fantasy

    Rose Gold Fantasy
    A super sparkly mani is perfect for everything fantasy.

    17. Subtle

    This unicorn mani is chock-full of sparkly glitters to capture the fantastical nature of the creature. You’ll need a rose gold town and glitter as well as pastel pink and white nail polish. The unicorn is painted on a white base completed with a cute gold horn.

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