Awesome Christmas Nail Designs Ideas

Cozy nights by the fire with plenty of mugs of cocoa means its time to get ready for the festive season and parties. You will want to wear sparkly outfits and try some Christmas Nail Designs that will set your outfit off. Take inspiration from these awesome festive ideas for your talons.

1.Santa Belt

Santa Belt
Don a sparkling Santa inspired mani with this awesome bright glittery red polish. You will need to use nail tape to divide the sections at the bottom of the nail with black and white and a silver square for Santa’s belt buckle.

2. Festive Sparkle

Festive Sparkle
This is a nice simple idea for nail that still carries a festive message. You can use a combination of white and silver and red and then customize each nail with a white star.

3. Sparkle Tips

Sparkle Tips
Jazz up glitter nail tips using silver and red stripes for the tinsel season.

4. Candy Cane Stripes

Candy Cane Stripes
Every elf would be proud to wear this mani which features red candy cane stripes and a feature nail in green glitter.

5. Christmas Present

Christmas Present
Turn your nails into presents with the use of a fine tip brush and red nail polish. Make a bow over a base coat of white glitter to make your nails shine bright for the perfect Christmas Nail Designs.

6. Santa Hats

Santa Hats
A simple Santa hat painted on one or two nails is a great nod to the festive season without going overboard.

7. Snowflakes

This step y step guide shows you how easy it is to recreate a snowflake design on your nails.

8. Snowmen

Make Olaf jealous with these cheery snowmen and penguins mani.

9. Reindeer

Santa will love that you painted his favorite reindeer on your nails – hopefully he gives you a nice present for your efforts!

10. Bows


11. Christmas Tree

Christmas Tree

12. Classy


13. Christmas Sweater

Christmas Sweater

14. Christmas Nail Designs

Christmas Nail Designs

15. Festive False Nails

Festive False Nails

16. Grinch

Amazing hand painting of the grinch.
sourceĀ instagram

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